AI is being used in more and more organisations and is also gaining influence in key processes. This makes it more important to ensure that an AI application does what it is supposed to do and that that application complies with all regulations and ethical standards. Currently, there are already several laws and regulations that AI applications have to comply with (AVG, MDR, constitution, consumer regulation, etc.). But often the existing regulations do not fit aspects of AI applications. That is why the European Union is coming up with a comprehensive AI regulation (‘AI Act’). But it will be a few years before the AI Act actually comes into force. With the AI Compliance Check, we want to anticipate that. We want to develop a method to check whether an AI application is compliant with laws and regulations, including the AI Act. If the check is successful, we want to issue a certificate of compliance to the users of the Check.
There is a need among organisations for this Check to demonstrate to potential customers and partners that they are actively engaged in scrutinising their own product


Within this project, we will develop an AI Compliance Check. This will be a service to determine whether an AI application complies with applicable regulations and ethical standards. Specifically, this project will lead to:

  • An assessment that can be taken;
  • A report based on the assessment with an assessment of the AI application;
  • Recommendations for mitigating and reducing the identified risks;
  • A statement on the compliance of the AI application.
    In doing so, we want to include existing laws and regulations as well as the design of the AI Act.


The project will start in late 2022 with a kickoff with all partners involved. This will be followed by work in 2023 to develop and test the AI Compliance Check. The aim is for the project to be completed by the end of 2023.

This project was partly made possible by a contribution from the Stimuleringsfonds Metropoolregio Eindhoven under project number 5.1043.